An idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it.

IMG_1960 We got fabulous in 2015!

Our makerspace is coming to life!  In the final weeks of 2015, the Dyer fab lab was witness to:

fifth graders educating the school community about what a makerspace is and sharing their on fleek design ideas

fourth graders learning about the design process and working collaboratively to build speedy shelters–shout out to pbs design squad


Photo 2015-12-10 09.47.24 AM

our first Visiting Maker–a parent artist who demonstrated her process of painting for students

reconfiguration of the fab lab space to accommodate fifth graders’ design recommendations

K-5 students introduced to new making and tinkering tools–shout outs to: Bruce and Steve in facilities dept. for the LEGO wall, Ben in tech dept. for facilitating our first 3D printing of a dragon head, and the MIT media lab geniuses for rocking our world with littlebits and makey makey

growing student interest in Tinker Time to explore and learn by making



Hello 2016!  Let’s have an innovative new year.


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