If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.


Our Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, STEM coordinator, a school board member, and a PTA officer were in attendance at our DYER-rama exhibition.  Students presented their fab lab models and were persuasive in explaining the needs for a Lego wall, sound recording booth, 3D printer, Makey Makey, as well as a pet hamster to generate energy in our school makerspace.

At the conclusion of this event, participants provided helpful and positive feedforward in response to prompts:

What is something that you learned from our presentations?

“Our kids are very creative and communicated their ideas about the spaces effectively and with enthusiasm. The kids have given a lot of thought to these ideas and worked collaboratively to develop their spaces.”

What fab lab design features do you think best support creativity and learning for students?

“The Lego walls were popular, and for good reason. Students were able to articulate numerous ways these walls could help other students learn math, art and simply ‘by doing.'”

What fab lab design features did we persuade you should be included in our fab lab?

“1. The area to cook. Several students made the case for a kitchen because you could teach the chemistry of cooking. This fit into the science aspect that the teachers thought was important. 2. I loved the idea of the sound booth. One group explained it as a place where you could create a book and then do an audio version to include with it.”

What feedback or questions do you have for us about our designs/presentations?

“You all were so well prepared. It was obvious to me that you really understand the whole point of a MakerSpace. Your ideas were very creative, and inspiring. I cannot wait to see what the space becomes!”
Our next audience?  The students in Grades K-4.

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