you can’t use up creativity. the more you use, the more you have.

The first day of school will be here soon, and I can’t wait! The shades of the fab lab are down for the open of school–building the intrigue.  Planning is in progress for the project-based learning unit that will initiate the growth of a makerspace and help to foster a school culture of innovation. The essential question for fifth graders to explore in September will be “How can we, as engineers, plan a learning commons makerspace that will support creativity and learning for students in Grades K-5 at Dyer?”  Weekly shared reading, research and writing will support students in developing knowledge of the purpose and functions of makerspaces to share with the larger school community.  In collaborative groups, they will identify what our school fab lab design should include and create models of their visions. Some component of each group’s design will be incorporated into the making of our makerspace.  How much fun will this be?


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